Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitching is simply a printer’s term for stapling. Printed, folded forms are opened at their centers (half the pages on one side and half on the other side) and then gathered or nested together – each form falling on top of the next in proper order while riding along a chain.

By the time the gathered signatures reach the end of this moving conveyor style line, they are stitched with wire (stapled) while resting on top of what looks like a metal saddle. The final step is to trim the excess paper away along three sides (top, face and bottom) leaving the final finished size.

Advantages of Saddle Stitching

  • Least expensive of all binding options
  • Fast
  • Widely available, as most printers saddle stitch in-house
  • Lies relatively flat
  • Special gatefolds and foldouts are possible
  • Can use a self-cover or a separate cover