Rapid Guide

Our company developed and provides customized printed educational guides. These guides are full-color, spiral-bound, and laminated products.

Since our inception in 2002, we have trusted the printing, bindery, and delivery of our guides to Ashish Bansal.

Our customer base is comprised of financial aid and career services departments at universities and state-level and regional U.S. government workforce programs throughout the country. These customers require and expect high level print quality.

they produces exceptional print quality with clear and crisp images and colors that match specific CMYK values. The bindery quality is always accurate and professionally done.

Our Customers almost always have budget or event deadlines, and Ashish Bansal has performed exceptionally well with tracking the orders and insuring they are delivered on time. He is also responsive when asked to provide a status of orders or for any other requests, and his courtesy and professionalism makes him a
pleasure to do business with.

I highly recommend Ashish Bansal and his company for any printing project.

Darby Binder
Operations Manager
Garland – Texas