Printing Terms

Bids and Quote Sheet

Advance Copies: A few copies of the completed print product sent in advance.
Extent: A listing of all printing components.
Finished Size: The dimensions of printed product in its marketable form.
Open | Flat Size:The dimensions of the printed product in its open | flat form.
Landscape Format: Page | Illustration | Print Product wider than it is deep. Also know as Album Format | Horizontal Format.
Portrait Format:Page | Illustration | Print Product deeper than it is wide. Also know as Upright Format | Vertical Format. Conventional Format.
Square Format: Page | Illustration | Print Product equally deep as is wide. Used for Art Books.
Number of Colors:The number of colors for each part of the printed product. Example: 4/1 or 4c x 1c for Cover means 4 colors on one side of the cover and 1 color on the other side.
PP: Example: “128pp text” means 128 printed pages (front and back).
Pages: Means two pages for each sheet | leaf of paper.

Printing Update

Turnaround Proof Time:Time taken for creating & delivering the proof for the print product.
Turnaround Production Time: Time taken for completion of the production of the print product.
Turnaround Delivery Time: Time taken for delivery of the completed print product.


Hardcover | Case Bound: Is a term for a hardbound book. Perfect Bind | Limp Bind | Drawn-on Cover | Soft Bound: Hot glue is used to bind the text pages to a soft cover. Can be stitched | non-stitched depending on number of pages.
Paste bind:the pages are secured with glue along the spine.
Book Covering:Material used on hard | case bound books for cover. Example paper | cloth | leather | etc.
Smyth Sewn Binding:Where the signatures of the book are folded and stitched through the fold. The signatures are then sewn or glued together at the spine to form a text block.
Back Lining | Backing Paper:Additional back paper | cloth added to the spine of hard | case bound book for a sturdier and more robust the binding.
End Sheets:Sheets that bind the text to the hardcover (case) of a book.
Head and Tail Bands:An ornamental decorative addition of a colored – often checkered style cloth piece at the top and bottom of a book.
Round-Back Hardcover:Rounded spine as opposed to a Square | Flat spine.
Quarter Cover:Book spine covered in one material and the rest of the cover bound in a different material.
Saddle Stitch: Stapled sheets bound together with the cover at the spine.
Self Cover:Cover and Text are the same paper.
Self Ends:The end sheets and the text are the same stock.
Wire-O Bind: The binding involves the use of a “C” shaped wire spine that is squeezed into a round shape holes punched along the entire length of the spine using a wire closing device.


Laminate:A plastic coating in matte or gloss finish. Offers the most protection and is most durable.
UV Coating:UV coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a very glossy, shiny coating applied to the printed paper surface and cured on a special machine using ultraviolet light. More durable than varnish or aqueous coating. Not as durable as laminate.
Varnish: Varnish is basically clear ink and can be gloss, satin or matte.
Aqueous Coating: Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying water-based coating that is used to protect printed pieces and can be in matte or gloss finish.


Art Card: Coated card. Can be gloss art or matte art.
Art Paper: Coated paper. Can be gloss art or matte art.
GSM (Grams Per Square Meter):This is the term for paper weight used extensively across the globe other than North America, where lb = poundage is used.
Offset Paper:Uncoated paper also referred to as Wood-Free) paper.


CYMK:Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black – These are the printing inks used in producing full-color printing. This is the acceptable color format that colors must be converted to, from RGB for commercial production.
DPI:Dots Per Inch, which indicates the resolution of images. The more the dots per inch, the higher the resolution. Usually 300 or 350 DPI is required for full-color printing.


Press | Match Print Proofs:Proofs made by putting files on a press and printing proofs. Most accurate form of proofing and closest to the finished print product.
Blueline Proofs:Proofs showing the lay outing | positioning of pages, graphics and text in mono color. Used for proofing pages other than color pages.
Digital Proofs:Proofs made from a digital printer. Can be very accurate, although not as accurate as press proofs. More radiant then the finished print product.
Dummies:Blank Paper Bound proof depicting the final binding, paper quality and thickness.


Bill of Lading:Legally binding document generated by a shipper, detailing the shipment of merchandise, giving title to the goods, and requiring the carrier to deliver the merchandise to the appropriate party.
CBM:is the volumetric weight of the cargo and it means Cubic Meters. The CBM of a consignment is calculated by L x W x H, with each dimension in meters.
CIF:“Cost, Insurance and Sea Freight.” Seller pays the costs, freight and insurance to bring the goods to the port of destination but does not include customs or port processing fees or local delivery.
Consignee:The person to whom the merchandise is destined / consigned.
DDP:“Delivery Duty Paid.” Seller pays the costs, freight, insurance, customs duties; local delivery charges to bring the goods to the buyer’s destination but does not include unloading the goods.
Ex-Factory:Seller delivers the goods to the buyer or agent at their production | delivery facility. Buyer picks up at the sellers production | delivery facility.
FOB:Free on Board.” The seller loads the goods on board of the vessel by the buyer. Cost and risk are divided when the goods are actually on board of the vessel. The seller clears the goods for export. Seller pays for transportation of goods to the port of shipment, loading cost. The buyer pays cost of marine freight transportation, insurance, uploading and transportation cost from the arrival port to destination, customs duties, port processing fees and local delivery charges.
Gross Weight:Total Weight: Total weight of the shipment including product & pallets.
Packing List:Shows number of copies per carton, size & weight per carton, number of cartons per pallet, and size & weight per pallet.
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