Chamber Publications

This Company and Ramesh printed a commemorative album for us. The book was about 288 pages on coated stock with about 240 pages of process color. The book was hardbound with a padded cover and gold foil stamped on the spine, front cover and back cover. There were 371 advertisements in the book most of which were in full process color.

We were delighted with our books as were all our customers, indeed Ramesh made us look very good.

There are several keys that we found in dealing with them and in particular Ramesh that in my opinion differentiate their performance from other printers and define them. I have been in publishing for more than 35 years and was a publisher of Scripps_Howard where we published 9 million magazines a week across the USA. Never have I had as pleasurable an experience working with a printer as I have enjoyed with Citi-cap Channels.

#1. Ramesh will stay close to you throughout the entire project. The communication is outstanding and eliminates problems before they happen.

#2. Ramesh over_delivered what was promised, a refreshing change from what I had been conditioned to expect from most printers. Usually, there are big promises that fall short on fulfillment. This is NOT the case with Ramesh. To begin, Ramesh suggested the gold foil on the spine. He also convinced me we should pad the cover to add quality and richness to the product. Okay, I was sold _ now, I waited to get clobbered with the add_on price since the project was already underway. I almost fell off my chair when

Ramesh said that there would not be any additional charges for these additions. THIS WOULD NOT HAP-

#3. When the books arrived they were packaged as promised and not one book was damaged. I was surprised to see them individually wrapped in cellophane as this was never discussed _ just another example of surpassing expectations. This made a very nice presentation, and when the books were distributed to our customers they raved about the padded covers and the plush look of the book.

#4. Ramesh and I had spoken for months before the files were shipped to him. When I went to the bank for the first wire transfer my banker scared me sufficiently by saying, ” you know, if this is a scam or something goes wrong, kiss this money goodbye.” I was momentarily stressed but trusted my instincts because Ramesh and I had developed a great telephone relationship over several months leading up to this point. I told the banker that I felt safe and the price was so much better than anything in the states, I was going to take the risk _, after all, _ most business owners are risk takers to some degree anyway.

#5 Printing with Ramesh was the best move we ever made. He has locked up all our work. We are working on three new books right now and they are going to Ramesh. We are not bidding them out because this man is a gentleman, very honorable and a delight to do business with. I have recommended Ramesh and them to several folks and they have all e_mailed me to thank me for their projects were completed. I look forward to hearing from you as well.

Good Luck with your project, You are in good hands with Ramesh.
Kindest regards,

Dean Vonetes
Virginia – USA