AARO Publishing, Inc.

I am more than delighted to write of my experience of working with your company (Print Printers) in New Delhi, India. One of the best parts of working with you is, inspite of the long distance between us, there has been almost daily communication with your company during the process of producing our last book, Snowff and The Rowdy-Cloudy Bunch. To me, the ability to communicate with a company with whom I’m working, is of upmost importance. You, Ramesh, called almost daily to see if there were concerns that needed to be addressed. It’s truly been a pleasure to work with you, and also with your assistant, Ashish, during this time and during the follow up. As you know, there are times when we have had a bit of a language barrier, but overall, we do very well communicating with one another.

Currently, it’s even more convenient working with  Print Printers as you now have a representative with a “local” office in Houston, TX.

As of now, we, at ARRO Publishing, Inc. are preparing a second book, Snowff Visits Razorteeth Village, for printing through

Print Printers. This certainly represents our great satisfaction with your work and the quality of the products you’ve produced. The fact that we are planning another book with  Print Printers says more about our satisfaction with your company than anything else we can say. Our experience with  Print Printers has been an experience of working with an honest company and people of their word. We at AARO Publishing are very pleased with your dedicated service to us.

You are welcome to advise anyone wanting to know more about your company, that they may call me with any further questions or for more information regarding your company.

With Appreciation and looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Carolyn White
Palisade, CO 81526